Making medicine accessible by expanding our reach.

 8 Aug 2021

With an integrated approach from manufacturing to distribution, Kingenic expands its reach to Rajasthan, India. By expanding our core distribution capabilities, Kingenic helps healthcare professionals to serve the patients who depend on them by providing high quality pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals.

With appointment of team of 4 scientific sales executives and 1 regional business manager in Rajasthan - India, Kingenic is expected to generate 50 positions in rural Rajasthan within one year.  Kingenic affirms continuous growth in the urban region and rural coverage.

With special employee induction & scientific pharmacology training, Kingenic ensures the quality of information is passed on to healthcare professionals by our executives is up to date and scientifically strong for advanced treatment options offered by our products.

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Kingenic introduces QR packaging security

Counterfeiting products cause financial losses for legitimate brands, involve social costs and losses of unpaid tax for governments. Kingenic Lifescience has implemented quick response code system on our latest packaging material to enhance traceability.

Kingenic launches NSAID range in India

Kingenic announces the Indian launch of Kinamol, it is set to enter NSAID market.  NSAIDs represent a critically important class of medications, Kingenic is commited to launch several more product under this class.

Kingenic enters GI therapeutics market.

We identify gastrointestinal theapeutic as an important area of treatment. With our entry into GI segment, Kingenic is commited to make maximum impact in coming years.