We are deeply committed to our mission to serve patients by innovation

Our R&D strategy aims to align and engage our talent, prioritize investments, and seize scientific opportunities.
Research and Development is vital to Kingenic.

We are passionate about transforming fundamental science into advanced therapies to improve people’s lives worldwide.





Patient-Centric Drug Delivery Technology at Kingenic
Development of new drug formulation

Our research and business development team works closely to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both market needs and synergies across therapeutic areas. With our innovative solutions, we are responding to the global challenges in healthcare.

At Kingenic, our scientists are driven by the knowledge that plants have immense potential and they play integral role in our complete well-being — mind, body, and soul. For instance, herbal medicines are typically not explored for the treatment of life threatening diseases. The reasons attributed are two-fold—the dearth of scientifically-validated herbal medicines and the lack of awareness about alternative drugs. Kingenic is working in bringing this traditional knowledge to modern consumers.

To create our nutraceutical products, our experienced team of researchers and brand enthusiasts work together to identify the top health concerns and desires for specific groups. Our nutritional needs change as we move through this amazing journey we call life. We research important dietary nutrients in developing our unique formulas.

Development of existing formulation

We aim to formulate differentiated products that overcome the key challenges of conventional drug delivery systems and add value to current products. We have developed and adopted a range of platform technologies to facilitate effective drug delivery across dosage forms.

The common cold and cough drug is a good example. First developed in oral dosage forms, the most popular way of taking medication despite having some disadvantages like slow absorption and thus onset of action is prolong. But with technology improvements, common cold and cough drug can now be taken in a form of hot drink (Myokus Hot Drink by Kingenic). The advantages of hot drink compared with other oral dosage forms includes an opportunity for formulator to improve taste, a more gentle action on patient’s stomach and marketing aspects.

So R&D can also be about improving rather than completely new discoveries.