Quality that speaks for itself

Kingenic, either independently or in collaboration with peers, has developed important processes to company to our quality stand
Uncompromising commitment to quality deeply instilled in our company

Being a vital component of the healthcare industry today, we have ensured the manufacturing of quality products our everyday habit. We have been striving to achieve that highest level of quality through focusing on the strategic planning and by following strict GMP, GDP & QMS.

Kingenic is committed to the delivery of safe and effective products to patients and consumers, a fundamental element of our Company’s Purpose and Mission.

To meet this commitment, Kingenic maintains a quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products, the safety of our patients and consumers, the quality of data supporting regulatory submissions.

The management of Kingenic, and the rest of the organization, undertake with this document to carry out the following general objectives:

Kingenic’s management is committed to maintaining a quality culture with appropriate systems and processes in place to drive quality-focused behaviours and ensure decision making based on what is best for product quality, patient and consumer safety, and protection of Kingenic’s reputation and business.

In addition, the management of Kingenic undertakes to comply with all aims according to

Quality Manual & Policy

Our Quality Manual & Policy consists of the relevant provisions related to therapeutics and medicines, and the violation of which by any stakeholder of our associate company leads to strict measures against perpetrators. In order to keep pace with the changing environments as well as fast technological advancements in the pharmaceutical industry, we keep reviewing our policies from time to time so that our operations remain updated to meet latest compliances. We even involve the experts and specialists to evaluate our quality policies so that they suggest amendments as and when required.

Rigorous Compliance

We are producing only those products which meets highest regulatory compliances and supply registered products in respective market . All types of quality parameters pertaining to manufacturing and packaging of medicines and drug formulations are complied with so that the consumer confidence in our Company can be consolidated and enhanced.

Timely Delivery

Along with that, we ensure for timely delivery of our products as well as any other information requested by our associates to build the lasting relationships in the pharmaceutical industry.

Working with Others

We collaborate only with those strategic partners who assure for sharing our commitment to the quality standards. We disengage connections with those who fail to live up to our customers and our expectations of the quality parameters to safety standards because we cannot compromise on this aspect of the business.

Training & Accountability of Employees

To build a quality-driven culture in our Company, we train our employees at regular intervals so that they can get well-acquainted with the recent innovations if any to adopt the quality approaches to the manufacturing aspect. Instead of constant supervision and direction, our employees are given opportunities to experiment and so are they are made accountable to also maintain the safety and efficiency of Company’s operations and product quality.

In summary, the management of Kingenic should seek the continuous improvement through the setting of quality and safety objectives and its continuous revision within the framework established by this document.