We develop to cater patient needs

Backed by strong research and development, we develop new age, advanced medicines & dietary supplements.
From Molecule to Medicine: A long journey to a New Product

Have you ever thought how new drugs are created, tested and brought to patients? Why does it take so long for a promising treatment you’ve read about in the news headlines to be available through your physician? We’re passionate about discovering and developing innovative medicines that improve outcomes and quality of life for patients. We’re striving to get drugs out onto the market that have gone through the mandatory processes and can ultimately make a big difference to patients.


Our Research team discovers new drugs through new insights into a disease process that allow them to design a product to stop or reverse the effects of the disease. At this stage in the process, thousands of compounds may be potential candidates for development as a medical treatment.


After early testing, however, only a small number of compounds look promising and call for further study. On identifying a promising compound for development, they conduct experiments to gather further information.

Preclinical Research

These studies provide detailed information on dosing and toxicity levels. After preclinical testing, researchers review their findings and decide whether the drug should be tested in people.

Clinical Trials

While preclinical research answers basic questions about a drug’s safety, it is not a substitute for studies of ways the drug will interact with the human body. “Clinical research” refers to studies, or trials, that are done in people.


If the results of clinical trials are promising, Kingenic then applies to the relevant regulatory authorities for authorization to bring the drug to market.

Ideas to develop new or improved Products

Largely it’s driven by patient needs.

We have our own sales team, they connect the R&D team with the market needs. They help us understand how needs are changing and what solutions are needed.