Kingenic code of business conduct

Our code describes our commitment to the people we serve.

Our customers, distributors and suppliers count on us to comply with all applicable legal requirements and to conduct business responsibly and with integrity. We take great pride in our business integrity, and our company's continued success depends on it.

The Board has a good mix of pharmaceutical experience and professional management. All major decisions are made globally after consultation with experienced professionals in their specific areas of activity. Decisions and execution are targeted to derive value addition in everything that the company does. Operations are conducted with utmost financial discipline. The management follows up to ensure that trust in employees is reciprocated with fairness in all dealings.

The Standards of Business Conduct is our foundation for responsible work and integrity at Kingenic Lifescience. It is authorized and supported by Kingenic Lifescience Board of Directors and senior leadership of Kingenic Lifescience. Overall responsibility for the ethics and compliance program rests with the Chief Financial Legal and Compliance Officer, with oversight from the Chief Executive Officer and the Audit Committee of the Kingenic Lifescience Board of Directors.

Discipline that unites us

Our Responsibilities

✔ Ensure our day-to-day business activities are consistent with our code.
✔ Focus on our Kingenic Code while we strive to achieve our business goals
✔ Comply with all our policies, procedures, internal controls and applicable laws and regulations
✔ Take informed and ethical decisions to provide values to humanity
✔ To provide product which is affordable and offer highest efficacy

Why code of business conduct?

✔ To guide us in doing the right thing
✔ To sustain our ethical, fair and responsible behavior
✔ To ensure safety & efficacy of our products
✔ To promote culture of compliance
✔ To prevent reputational risk or damages arising due to non-compliance

Basic questions before any decision for Kingenic

✔ Is it lawful?
✔ Does it comply with our policies and procedures?
✔ Does it align with accepted industry practice?
✔ Does it show respect for our culture of integrity?
✔ Does it support our performance and our goals?

Our Responsibilities

We are committed to improve lives of our patient. Our work, our decisions and our business interactions are focused on advancing medicine through innovative products and therapies with patient first mindset. We develop product to help patients live a healthier and quality life. Kingenic Patient first approach motivated us to develop a platform “Kingenic Connect” which solves our purpose to inform, treat and cure with integrity.

Discipline that unites us